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COZYVAPE is a South Korean brand specialized in electronic cigarette products

COZYVAPE is a highly regarded global electronic cigarette brand with the products supplied to more than 30,000 on-line and B&M shops in more than 50 countries in the world.

   The passion of COZYVAPE since its foundation in May, 2009 has always been seeking for the most secure method of developing and providing high-quality E-cigarettes as an alternative source of nicotine.

  COZYVAPE became one of the world’s leading e-cigarette companies by continusouly developing innovative e-cigarette products, such as MAXI and 1453.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Seoul City

#1209, Seoulsoop SK V1 Tower, Seoungsuil-ro 8-gil, Seongdong-gu

Phone: +82.70.4060.4927 Web: www.cozyvape.com

Images   Of    Our   Products

Developed by the R&D lab in South Korea

All of COZYVAPE products are developed by specialized Ph.D. e-cigarette experts. All of the products, once developed, go through countless tests and optimizing procedures before they are manufactured for the market.

All COZYVAPE products are directly manufactured by the factories of COZYVAPE.

After being developed in South Korea, all of COZYVAPE products are manufactured only in the COZYVAPE factories located in China. Unlike most other electronic cigarette products, COZYVAPE strictly monitors entire procedures from development to manufacturing of the products.